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Team Templar

Better Than Art Theft!

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Team Templar: Better Than Art Theft!
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Discussion and so on of the 'Shadow of the Templar' online novels!
As Simon might put it, assuming he gave a damn about things like LiveJournal, "Basically, post whatever you want as long as it's got something to do with the books--discussion, fanworks, icons, squealing, whatever--but use a goddamned LJ-cut if you're posting a long entry, a big image, or spoilers, and... well, basically, 'don't be a dick' sums it up pretty well."

The author (tsukikoushi) wishes to add that, while she'll be hanging around and keeping an eye on things, she will not jump into ongoing discussions unless she is specifically invited to do so--no need to be a buzzkill. Also, at this point in time, she appreciates the existence of but hangs back from actually reading SotT fanfiction; she has miles of short stories yet to go before she sleeps, so to speak, and she would hate to steal ideas or turns of phrase from anyone, either inadvertently or overtly. At some point in the future, when most everything is done, she promises to sit down with a big drink and read anything and everything that's been posted to date.

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