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yet another reprint!
M-O-O-N that spells FUCKING PEDANTIC, Moo Explains It All, allow me to educate you
tsukikoushi wrote in teamtemplar
I recently got myself a Kindle, so I've spent the last week learning how to format books for it! The SotT books are now available in Kindle e-book editions, here:

They're also available on all the various international Amazon sites, although the books can be weirdly hard to find there since my author page only covers .com. Guess I should have chosen a more unusual pen name. Oh, well!

That's one more item off my to-do list! Cuckoo's Egg is still on there, never fear.

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Fabulous! I confess, my Kindle (the older one they now call the Kindle Keyboard) is actually called Jeremy because the SotT books were what it was made for! Coincidentally I'm currently half way through a re-read of With a Bullet (which weirdly I had to re-buy from Lulu because the old download wouldn't work) and it made me think of you. I hope things are good for you health-wise.

Hooray, I'm gonna snag these, thank you, no more online reading :D

Thank you

Edited at 2014-01-31 10:44 pm (UTC)

Snagging each one of them as well.

Couldn't pass up that price - now that's a deal. Thanks so much for making it available as a Kindle!

Do the Kindle version include all the extra hot bits?

No, those will be collected separately, whenever I manage to get off my ass and publish No Static. (That's waiting on the initial bits of Cuckoo's Egg, which I should hopefully have together... soon?)

Thank you! I just snagged all of them. I've been re-reading the entire series this weekend, including all the lacunae and short stories. I'm most of the way through Double down right now. My problem is that I had no way to read them on my Kindle Fire, as it will not read .txt files, even though it claims it does. Thank you!!!

Yay! I've just been rereading the paperbacks.

I don't want to sound greedy, but is there any hope of epub editions? Or even single-page html editions? (Me being entirely too lazy to do the cut-and-paste myself.)

Oh brilliant - I just started a re-read and the e-books make it that much easier. Thanks so much!

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