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tl;dr: whoops
ERROR: ABORT RETRY FAIL, does not compute, shocked Canadian
tsukikoushi wrote in teamtemplar
Oof. Long time no LJ. This started out as a reply to a comment, but then I decided that all of you (who are still checking LiveJournal) deserved some kind of update!

To make a long story short, I've become embroiled in a huge non-SotT project that is currently demanding pretty much all of my sadly-limited energy. That does not mean that I've forgotten about Cuckoo's Egg, though! I have the story and a bunch of notes (from myself and some very helpful betas) all lined up on my desktop, and once my current project wraps up, the editing of CE will be the next thing I tackle. With some luck, I should have some kind of finished version by the end of the year.

That being said, getting some distance from the project has not precisely made me like it better. My current intention is to brand the first chapter (which I still quite like) as the actual official story 'Cuckoo's Egg', and put the rest of the story up on the website as a web-only bonus. I would still like to collect the short stories in paperback as No Static; however, when I do, the short version of CE will most likely be the version in the collection.

Thank you all for sticking with me!

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Happy to be here! Hope you're enjoying your current project!

Is this the current project or is it finished?
Tales From Black Oceans

Because that one sounds really good

Nope, that's an older project! It's three stories that range from longish to novella-length, and it's all done. The stories are all on the website and there's a collected version for sale on Lulu.

All done? Yay, I'm gonna jump it soon then :D
Good luck with the other project

Looking forward to more SoT whenever you feel like it and have time and have energy. Good luck with your current project!

A new project sounds very exiting! Are you planning to publish that on the web or will it be print-only? Any hints what it's about? <3

I'm really looking forward to reading Cuckoo's egg again, I never got to read the last chapter. But when No Static comes out, I'll buy it no matter how much of that story is in it.

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