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shadow of the templar, sott

Team Templar

Better Than Art Theft!

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Casting Characters
sunnymi wrote in teamtemplar
Hi. I'm new to the community. I just re-read the Shadow books online and am planning on ordering the paperbacks as soon as my budget allows. :) I noticed a post about casting the characters. As I'm sure it is with most of you, while reading, I just can't help "casting" the characters in my head. To start with Jeremy I just kept picturing a young Pierce Brosnan type. So I went on IMDB and started looking around. (Yes, I obviously have too much time on my hands right at the moment). Going on looks alone, since I can't remember ever seeing this actor in anything, I really liked the actor Ben Barnes for Jeremy. Just thought I'd mention him and see how others have pictured the characters. I'm still working on Simon. :)  http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/ben-barnes/images/19344623/title/ben-barnes-voyage-dawn-treader-japan-feb-2011-photo