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cuckoo's egg, chapter fifteen, th' end
owww, well great I'm dead, PAIN HURTS
tsukikoushi wrote in teamtemplar

It should probably come as no surprise that this chapter is (finally) not safe for work. Also, that the sex scene which makes it NSFW is... not the happiest or most consensual thing going. Given the participants, I think dubious consent was the best we were likely to get.

(Also, you may wish to go back to High Fidelity and remind yourself of Eddie.)

(chapter one)
(chapter two)
(chapter three)
(chapter four)
(chapter five)
(chapter six)
(chapter seven)
(chapter eight)
(chapter nine)
(chapter ten)
(chapter eleven)
(chapter twelve)
(chapter thirteen)
(chapter fourteen)

+ Shadow of the Templar: Cuckoo's Egg, Chapter 15, THE END, GODDAMMIT

For better or worse, the first draft is done now. I'll try and write up some author's notes later this weekend, but for now I'm going to go off somewhere quiet and let my head explode.

The links above will remain live for another month or so, to give everyone a chance to read the first draft; after that I will take the story down and try to beat it into shape. It'll be reposted in its final form, though, don't worry.

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Thank you for another fantastic chapter in the early years! You we really able to give us a glimpse of how the tension between Bran and Jeremy began and then slowly developed over time. I really enjoyed watching both boys grow in maturity and learn about themselves. This book is a wonderful addition to SOTT, and I am really hoping that you are planning to write more in the SOTT Universe! (after you take a deservered break, of course!) Maybe some snippets or something- Im really gonna miss your regular updates :(

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so excited to read this, thank you for writing it :D

Yay, congrats on finishing! This was an enjoyable read -- loved getting a closer glimpse at these characters and how they turned into the people we see in the main narrative.

Bran himself was an unlovely pale splat against the blue of the mats

What a great image, one of many. :)

There it is, the final chapter! Now I need to reread the novels again. Thank you thank you thank you for writing wonderful fiction.

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