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shadow of the templar, sott

Team Templar

Better Than Art Theft!

okay, so, cuckoo's egg
that is so gross, ewwww
Erf, that's it, stick a fork in it, it's done or at least over: I've given up on Cuckoo's Egg and slapped its poorly-edited corpse up on the website just to get it out of my hair. I still don't like it all that much, but it's written, so I might as well share it.

- Cuckoo's Egg

As threatened, the 'real' Cuckoo's Egg is the first chapter of the novella--the rest has been demoted to the web-exclusive Extended Edition. It's all there, though, every last bit of it.

Several people were kind enough to try and help me with my piss-poor rendition of England and its accents. To them, I say thank you! I must also apologize for, ultimately, wasting their time: over the past year Cuckoo's Egg has swollen to occupy so much psychic space that I finally had to kick it out without fixing those mistakes. I've had the helpful emails sitting in my inbox for all this time and I can barely look at them without beating myself up for being the suckiest writer who ever sucked.

Hey, maybe I'll get to work on No Static now, huh?

yet another reprint!
M-O-O-N that spells FUCKING PEDANTIC, Moo Explains It All, allow me to educate you
I recently got myself a Kindle, so I've spent the last week learning how to format books for it! The SotT books are now available in Kindle e-book editions, here:


They're also available on all the various international Amazon sites, although the books can be weirdly hard to find there since my author page only covers .com. Guess I should have chosen a more unusual pen name. Oh, well!

That's one more item off my to-do list! Cuckoo's Egg is still on there, never fear.

tl;dr: whoops
ERROR: ABORT RETRY FAIL, does not compute, shocked Canadian
Oof. Long time no LJ. This started out as a reply to a comment, but then I decided that all of you (who are still checking LiveJournal) deserved some kind of update!

To make a long story short, I've become embroiled in a huge non-SotT project that is currently demanding pretty much all of my sadly-limited energy. That does not mean that I've forgotten about Cuckoo's Egg, though! I have the story and a bunch of notes (from myself and some very helpful betas) all lined up on my desktop, and once my current project wraps up, the editing of CE will be the next thing I tackle. With some luck, I should have some kind of finished version by the end of the year.

That being said, getting some distance from the project has not precisely made me like it better. My current intention is to brand the first chapter (which I still quite like) as the actual official story 'Cuckoo's Egg', and put the rest of the story up on the website as a web-only bonus. I would still like to collect the short stories in paperback as No Static; however, when I do, the short version of CE will most likely be the version in the collection.

Thank you all for sticking with me!

Casting Characters
Hi. I'm new to the community. I just re-read the Shadow books online and am planning on ordering the paperbacks as soon as my budget allows. :) I noticed a post about casting the characters. As I'm sure it is with most of you, while reading, I just can't help "casting" the characters in my head. To start with Jeremy I just kept picturing a young Pierce Brosnan type. So I went on IMDB and started looking around. (Yes, I obviously have too much time on my hands right at the moment). Going on looks alone, since I can't remember ever seeing this actor in anything, I really liked the actor Ben Barnes for Jeremy. Just thought I'd mention him and see how others have pictured the characters. I'm still working on Simon. :)  http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/ben-barnes/images/19344623/title/ben-barnes-voyage-dawn-treader-japan-feb-2011-photo

Hi guys!

Soooo it's been a while since the last dreamcast post, and since I've just posted my own version on tumblr I figured we could maybe have another one? :D? I mean, for a start I have absolutely no idea who to cast as Rich, which is why I left him out /o\

(PS broken_moons I totally stole your Rich-Hall-as-Johnny idea, I hope you don't mind!)

Here are a few icons I made. Feel free to use them. :3
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well this is boring, zzzz
Just a quick heads-up: I'll be taking the first draft of Cuckoo's Egg down in a few days in order to take the editing machete to it. If you're interested in reading the story as it stands, do it soon!

And thank you for bearing with me through this experiment, as well. It's definitely been a learning experience, aaaand I mean that in many, many different ways. I appreciate your comments and your feedback, even if I am pretty awful about responding to things (and, on that note: kaykayone, I got your message, but you have LJ messaging turned off in your privacy settings, so I don't have any way to respond!)

Let's see if I can't salvage this bastard, huh?

cuckoo's egg, author's notes
a little peeved, well that's just STUPID
Cuckoo's Egg, author's notes--beware spoilers, rambling, free-floating distasteCollapse )

cuckoo's egg, chapter fifteen, th' end
owww, well great I'm dead, PAIN HURTS

It should probably come as no surprise that this chapter is (finally) not safe for work. Also, that the sex scene which makes it NSFW is... not the happiest or most consensual thing going. Given the participants, I think dubious consent was the best we were likely to get.

(Also, you may wish to go back to High Fidelity and remind yourself of Eddie.)

(chapter one)
(chapter two)
(chapter three)
(chapter four)
(chapter five)
(chapter six)
(chapter seven)
(chapter eight)
(chapter nine)
(chapter ten)
(chapter eleven)
(chapter twelve)
(chapter thirteen)
(chapter fourteen)

+ Shadow of the Templar: Cuckoo's Egg, Chapter 15, THE END, GODDAMMIT

For better or worse, the first draft is done now. I'll try and write up some author's notes later this weekend, but for now I'm going to go off somewhere quiet and let my head explode.

The links above will remain live for another month or so, to give everyone a chance to read the first draft; after that I will take the story down and try to beat it into shape. It'll be reposted in its final form, though, don't worry.